Six (06) super Metro Cities are selected for this study viz. Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, & Bangalore.

The selection of each sample, here the Paediatrician is based on "Systematic Random Sampling Technique" ensuring homogeneity in geographical coverage within the City.

Each sampled doctor is provided with C MARC bucket, kept in one corner of the chamber, ensuring whenever there is any vaccination, the disposables are stored in the bucket kept for the purpose.

Size : 50 Paediatricians in each city totalling 250 for the study.

The Field Executives visit the doctor's clinic on vaccination days, collect the filled in bucket and replace by the new one.

Each C MARC city office has its own staff to keep record of each vaccine type by its different dimension through a pre-designed proforma and send all filled in proforma by the end of every week to C MARC Head Quarter at Kolkata for ultimate data processing and analysis of data.

(a) the looks of present Vaccine market in a Paediatrician’s chamber
(b) types of Vaccine, currently available in Paediatrician’s chamber
(c) different Vaccine Brands normally dispensed by a Paediatrician by Vaccine Type.
(d) the type of Vaccine dispensed more often by a Paediatrician
(e) presence of different companies in vaccine market & their contribution to total
(f) dispersion of Vaccine market across geographies/cities under study
(g) Companies by its different vaccine types.

12 Reports in a year on monthly basis.